ABS indicator light

  • Hi all,

    Sorry for posting in English but my German is horrible. I have a very simple question: when you start your Lancia Thema, do you see the ABS light coming on for a few seconds (the so-called bulb check)?

    Background: I've imported a 2012 Dodge Charger back into Europe. As you probably know the Charger and the Thema share the same platform. But I'm having issues getting the car approved because the ABS light is not coming on briefly when the engine is started. The local garage says the "BRAKE" light is used instead of the ABS light, and as proof he showed me a Lancia Thema which also does not light up the ABS light. But if I look a YouTube videos of a Charger starting, I do see the ABS light..so I'm confused.

    I've been doing more research, and it seems the ABS light is configurable in the TIPM. So I'm wondering if the ABS light in the Thema (and also in my Charger somehow) was disabled.

    Anyhow, it would already be very helpful to know if the ABS light in your Thema lights up when you start the engine...

  • Thanks for checking and the YouTube video yamrappy! So the dealer is wrong...I guess I'll take the car to a different dealer then :)

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